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Samsung’s big Unpacked 5 event is coming soon, scheduled for February 24 in Barcelona, and the conventional wisdom says that this is where the company will unveil its latest and greatest smartphone, the Galaxy S5. But a post on Dutch site purports to have a leaked photo of the gadget’s packaging, which lists a whole slew of specs that point to a pretty powerful smartphone.

samsung-galaxy-s5-packageThe image comes from “an anonymous tipster,” so don’t take this information as gospel. However, if it’s true, the Galaxy S5 will sport 3GB of RAM, along with a 2.5GHz quad core processor. The QHD super AMOLED screen will be huge, coming in at 5.25 inches, a quarter of an inch bigger than the S4, and creeping steadily into phablet territory. And it’ll also have a 3,000mAh battery, which is good news considering the amount of power this thing will suck down. Top it all off with a 20 megapixel camera, and you can bet that the Galaxy S5—or at least this particular configuration of it—is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

While we’re still wondering about a few of the details regarding the device, these specs certainly offer a sizable upgrade from the current Galaxy S4 configuration. It’s also important to note that rumors abound that there will be a few different versions of the S5, sort of similar to what Apple did with the 5S and 5c, packing less powerful guts into a less expensive package in the case of the latter. I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that Samsung makes an Galaxy S5 with less RAM and a somewhat (but not much) slower CPU. Because otherwise? This thing is going to cost a fortune.

Of course, that may not really be a problem for Samsung. The company’s phones represent the anti-iPhone, even if they don’t run stock Android like the Nexus. The Galaxy S series is the most fashionable and trend-worthy Android phones, so anyone looking for all the flash of an iPhone without all the iOS, the Galaxy S is where it’s at. The big question is whether this Galaxy S5 will still seem bigger and better when Apple unveils its own supposedly giant-sized iPhone 6.

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