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There have been more than a few leaks for HTC’s next smartphone, which will supposedly be revealed later this month. Today, we’ve got another. This time the news comes courtesy of GSMArena, which got its hands on a leaked advertisement from Australian phone carrier Telstra. While getting a look at the phone isn’t anything new at this point, we finally have an idea as to how the dual-camera on the back of the handset will work.

This advertisement gives some details about the HTC All New One’s “Duo Camera.”

Here’s the full text from the ad:

“Beautifully designed, The All New HTC One (M8) has an all metal body and features a brilliant 5” full HD scratch resistant screen, it delivers unparalleled sound quality that is clear, balanced and powerful. And with HTC Duo Camera, you’ll capture professional photos with more depth. This phone will make you stand out from the crowd.”

The copy about the Duo Camera continues below:

“Create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you’ve taken the shot. Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds and add 3D effects.”

A few parts of that ad copy are worthy of note. First, the name of the phone is seemingly, and sadly, confirmed to be the “All New One,” or, as the text puts it, the “All New HTC One,” which is not only a mouthful, but is straight up stupid. The last phone in this line was called the One. This new phone has two cameras. Why wouldn’t it simply be called the HTC Two?

Second, the dual camera is called the “HTC Duo Camera,” and the copy says that photos will be captured professionally, and “with more depth.” That would seem to confirm earlier analysis from CNET, which speculated that the two cameras could allow “users to capture photos at different focal lengths and aperture settings, merging them into one image,” leading “to higher dynamic range, better focusing, and improved low-light performance.” It’s also impossible not to think of the Lytro camera, though chances are that the quality on the All New One won’t be quite as high as that dedicated camera device.

Finally, the ad copy also gives the All New One a price of $840, which, converted to US currency comes to roughly $760. That’s not surprising considering everything HTC seems to be promising with this device. And with such a radically different camera, it’s possible that the company might actually get users to pay such a high price for its new smartphone.

We’ll know for sure what the All New One is packing on March 25. Until then, we’ll probably get at least five or six more leaks. Stay tuned.

[Source: GSMArena]


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