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Even though Samsung has yet to announce even the existence of the Galaxy S5 smartphone, we know it’s coming, and we know we’ll probably hear all about it at the Unpacked 5 event next week. So with the impending unveiling suspected to be so close, the leaks and rumors are hitting a fever pitch, with Dutch tech site SamsungGalaxys5Abonnement posting a purportedly leaked screenshot confirming the new phone’s incredible resolution.

samsung-galaxy-s5-resolutionThe screen reveals that the size of the phone’s display is about 5.25 inches, which is in line with another leak we’d seen from last week. That’s a full quarter-of-an-inch bigger than the Galaxy S4. Moreover, the resolution will come in at 1440 x 2560 pixels, with a density of 560 pixels per inch, which puts this phone in the 2K category. A post on BGR about the supposed leak notes that the iPhone 5’s retina display “features a pixel density of 326 ppi,” so if nothing else, it’s clear that Samsung’s looking to be the leader of the pack.

It’s also important to note: at a certain point, the human eye can only see so much difference from one ridiculously high definition screen to the next. Samsung and Apple may be in an arms race that only has a discernable effect on the final price.

But, as ever, until Samsung comes out and confirms this specification, we have to take it with the proverbial grain of salt. The leak came from an anonymous source, so its accuracy has to be suspect until we can get some real data from Samsung. There are other questions, too, like why the leaker would only provide this one screenshot of the phone’s system information, but not, say an image of the home screen or the device specs to boot. So many questions.

The good news, of course, is that soon all our questions will be answered once the company takes the stage in Barcelona next week. What do you think? Are you wanting a smartphone with a 2K display that’ll make your eyes melt?

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