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Product success boils down to finding balance between three strategies: development, marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a solid R&D team is key, but generating “buzz” and having your product showcased on Google Search’s first page will ensure exponential growth for your product. However, since most startups fail within the first 24 months, what is clear is that obtaining this “holy trinity” is no simple task. In the land of milk and honey, and startups–Israel, three companies are attempting to not only coordinate development, marketing, and SEO under one roof, but expand their business apparatus into Western Europe and the United States.

The three companies are Exactive Marketing (digital media and advertisements), Online Performance (SEO), and iApps Technologies (mobile development and programming), and combined boast an impressive roster of clients including Samsung, United Airlines, and Bank Leumi (a leading Israeli bank) just to name a few. Expanding their reach further into the Western markets is no easy task, however the announcement of a partnership with Sharper Solutions, a company specializing in the creation, execution, and management of enterprise digital transformation, is an attempt to ease their transition. The goal is to bring the perfect storm of business solutions to the United States, while at the same time providing western companies with access to a wide array of emerging Israeli startups.

From left to right: Tim Wike, On Yavin, Ori Segal.
From left to right: Tim Wike, On Yavin, Ori Segal.

“Sharper Solutions is the ideal partner to help us bring our leading IP and digital services to the United States and other Western markets,” said On Yavin, Founder of Exactive Marketing and Online Performance. “The company has assembled a world-class team of marketers and digital technologists that will help us scale the availability and reach of products and solutions.”

In addition to this new venture with Sharper Solutions, the four companies have hinted towards a merger that would consolidate all of the offered services under one roof. This, they claim, will vastly increase efficiency, and enable the newly formed company to expand their outreach capabilities. Yavin continues by saying that the combining an experienced team of marketers and digital technologists, with Sharper Solution’s established presence in the West, will hopefully catapult the newly formed company to the next level.

Entering the US and other Western markets are considered the biggest and best arena for business growth. In theory, bringing all three services to the United States will provide a spark for the startups in the US, and increase their success. While this can be a promising venture with advanced capabilities, attempting to manage three companies from three different fields can prove complicated, with too many “cooks in the kitchen,” in addition to forming a partnership with a fourth. Only time will tell whether Israeli startups’ latest foray into the wild wild west will bear fruits of success.

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