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A post on 9to5Mac today claims to have renderings and details of the new Apple MacBook Air, which we’d last heard about in December. The new model of laptop will apparently feature a 12-inch display, and keys that are fully flush with the edges of the machine.

macbook-air-12-profileThe display, too, will have a much smaller bezel to allow for the larger screen in the smaller chassis. The keys themselves, meanwhile, will be just slightly closer together. Gone, however, will be the SD card slot, along with the full-sized USB ports and MagSafe connectors. Instead, it seems the new MacBook Air will only feature a headphone jack and a USB Type-C port, the latter of which will double as the power cable port.

All in all, if these images prove to depict the real deal, it’ll be a great example of Apple maximizing its space and using it efficiently to create a new product iteration. The report says we may hear more about this from Apple officially in mid-2015, just in time for WWDC, of course. It looks sleek and amazing, and could pave the way for yet another design revolution from Apple.

[Source and Images: 9to5Mac]


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