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I downloaded the 2.0 firmware for the iPod Touch today, I must say I am quite impressed. I love that most of the apps that would be considered “every day usage/highly used” are free. I also am loving MobileMe and it’s functionality on both Windows and OSX.

My favorite apps include:

  1. Remote – Control your iTunes library and/or Apple TV from your iPod Touch/iPhone
  2. NY Times – Read the NY Times directly from your iPod Touch/iPhone
  3. Evernote – Seamlessly sync notes, photos, etc with Evernote (Mac and PC)
  4. Twitterific – Get your latest Twitter updates and send out your own new tweets from your iPod Touch/iPhone
  5. Scratch – Become a DJ and scratch to your favorite tunes playing on your iPod Touch/iPhone
  6. Whrrl – Track your friends (if they let you) and find local stores, restaurants, etc. from your iPod Touch/iPhone

Those 6 applications are all free and are my favorite thus far, so check them out!

What is your favorite application? Leave a comment!

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