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It’s a day ending in “y,” so that means there’s yet another rumor purporting to know when Apple’s new iPhone is going to be released. Despite more than one report of delays for the larger iPhone 6 with a 5.5-inch display, a new report from Reuters says that the larger of the two models is still slated for a September 2014 release. Moreover, the smaller, more traditional 4.7-inch display iPhone 6 could be on track for this August.

The news comes by way of The Economic Daily News, a media outlet based in manufacturing hub Taiwan. Additionally, the report also says that 2014 will see the production of 80 million iPhone 6 units between the two different models. And, of course, that’s about the long and the short of the “news” as it stands right now. So…what have we learned now?

Not really anything, as it turns out. We all know that Apple will release the iPhone 6 this year in some form or another. We all know that it’ll be thin, and it’ll have a sapphire screen, and that it’ll be packed with iOS 8 and the Healthbook app. But anything other than that feels a lot like throwing darts at a calendar. No one really knows when Apple will release this thing—no one except Apple, that is.

It does seem logical that August and/or September will see new iPhones, since each of the last three major release announcements occurred in the fall. The iPhone 5, 5s, and 5C all came out in September of 2012 and 2013, respectively, while the iPhone 4S hit stores in October of 2011. The real question is whether or not the larger iPhone 6—or, as we like to call it, the iPhablet—will actually make it to market before the end of 2014 because of the aforementioned-and-linked production delay rumors. But either way, you can bet you’ll be able to buy a new iPhone 6 by September.

[Source: Reuters]

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