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The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Apple’s latest smartphones to hit the market, have seen strong sales since release, gaining substantial market share more quickly than previous models.

Specifically, the iPhone 5s now makes up 10% of the iPhone usage rate among customers, according to statistics gathered by analytics firm Mixpanel. That’s roughly 2-3 times quicker than the market gravitated to the iPhone 5.

Consumption of the iPhone 5 was about 0.25% to 0.5% per week, says Mixpanel, while the growth of the iPhone 5S is seeing 0.75% and 1% growth by the week. That’s 3 times the adoption rate of the iPhone 5c, which is also performing well – about comparable to the rate of the iPhone 5.


Suhail Doshi, CEO of Mixpanel, says Apple’s smaller, more colorful device is “doing a reasonable job of taking over the mid-end part of the smartphone market.”

Clearly, the iPhone 5s is by and large the more popular consumer device. And given the manufacturing cost of the thing, that’s good news for Apple. And following suit with analysts’ predictions, the 5c is on track to sell a good many units over a longer period of time than the 5S – but so long as the 5s is selling like hotcakes, you can bet Apple’s not sore over it.

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