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It’s no secret that Apple is amidst a public relations fiasco.  With the bad press over the iPhone 4’s antenna issue a lot of people – including Consumer Reports who refuses to recommend the new smartphone – are unhappy with the way the company has handled the phone from the beginning; starting with the ordering issues on the day pre-orders launched.  However, one thing that was made relatively clear by Apple was the fact that the white versions of the iPhone 4 were going to be available shortly after the launch of the black iPhones in June.  However, it is now the end of July, and the iPhone 4 has yet to be released in white.  While it appears that the reason for the delays was because of a problem with the glass supplier, some people have gone as far as to say that Apple is not releasing the phone because of reasons circulating around the whole antenna issue.

However, whatever the reason for the delay, one thing is now certain: the delay is going to be longer than originally expected.  You see, Apple today made a statement saying that the white iPhone 4’s would be available sometime this year.  However, this is not a very descriptive time frame, as “later this year” could be (while very unlikely) next week, or it could be the last day of the year.

At this point in time, it is unclear what steps are being taken to expedite the production of the white iPhones and make them available to consumers, however one can be certain that Apple is surely doing everything in their power to pump up production, as not doing so could further damage their already wounded image in the public eye.

If you had put off buying an iPhone 4 because you were waiting for the white version to be released, you can still purchase the black version without any difficulties, as there are no production issues with them.  If you hurry, you will even qualify for a free case.

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