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Well, it appears we now have evidence that the iPhone 4 “death grip” is not completely software related.  Based on the evidence provided in the video above, it is safe to say – we have a very real problem on our hands (pun intended) which no amount of software updates can fix.

Erica Sadun of TUAW wrote an application which directly measured signal strength on the iPhone 4.  As shown in the video, once she gripped the phone, the signal strength quickly degraded to essentially nothing.  This problem will arise most commonly in areas with poor signal strength, which unfortunately with AT&T is many places.  However, in places with good signal strength, the problem is non-existant (as I’ve pointed out in my iPhone 4 review).

Assuming this iPhone app is correct (which I believe it is), what happens from here on out?  Will Apple come forward with another statement?  Apple has sold over 1.7 million iPhone 4’s to date – that’s a lot of people with problematic phones.  Then again, if AT&T had better service, then maybe this problem would never be an actual problem.

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