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Are a music lover who owns an iPad? If so, you must download the iPad app, a free app, brought to you by CBS Interactive Music Group. is a website that takes real radio stations from around the nation and compiles them into one sleek interface, on their website and in their iPhone and iPad apps. is one of the best iPad apps in the app store in my opinion because it takes a different approach to streaming music on the iPad. When most people think of streaming music, they instantly think of Pandora. While Pandora is also a great app, I prefer much more. allows you to pick a real radio station from their selection of large cities. Their cities of choice include Los Angeles, Seattle, Hartford, Chicago, Washington DC, and many more. My favorite feature in the iPad app is the map, which allows you to select on of their marked cities and lists all the radio stations they carry from that city.

Another feature I loved in this app was the integrated Sports and News stations, which are also from around the nation. Me being a huge sports fan, my favorite station is ESPN 1300 in Baltimore. News has some great stations as well, including major news stations such as CNN and NewsRadio. The app will also show recent articles form the website of the station, so you can read an article on a topic while listening about it.

When I do listen to music, I usually take advantage of the integrated AOL Radio and Yahoo! Music stations, and even works with your account. I have the AOL Radio app on my Mac, which I use almost every day to listen to the newest Hip-Hop songs or listen to Sports talk and News casts. Having AOL Radio built in is an automatic download for me, as there is no AOL Radio iPad app (they do have an iPhone app). also shows a summery of what you are listening to, including Artist info, album info, and even the ability to purchase the song in iTunes. It also shows the latest posts from the station’s site if they have a blog like in the News and Sports sections.

So, do I recommend this app? Absolutely. Like I stated earlier, it is my favorite app in the iPad app store. It is also free so you have nothing to lose if you want to try it out. It is ad-supported, but for what you are getting that is fine by me. So everyone go out and download this app! I guarantee  you will not regret it.

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