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Playing sports games on the iPhone/iPad can be rather difficult. These type of games are very popular on consoles, and there is a game for pretty much every major sport. The controls for the sports games are very detailed, hence the difficulty on the iPhone/iPad platform. There is a whole genre for these games on the App Store and one of the most popular ones is Gameloft’s NFL 2010 HD for iPad. The iPhone version is called NFL 2010. This Gameloft creation was the first NFL based game in the App Store, followed closely by EA Sport’s Madden NFL 2010.

The game is available on the iPad as well as the iPhone, though the iPad version is $2 cheaper (for now – it’s on sale). It will run you $0.99, while the iPhone version will run $2.99. The iPad version of the game is no different than the iPhone version other than the graphics being optimized for the larger display. The game does look quite nice on the iPad, and it doesn’t look too shabby on the iPhone, either.

Using the iPhone version on the iPad is fairly difficult, so I would highly recommend upgrading to the iPad version even if you have the iPhone version already. The control set is much better for the iPad and the overall graphics fit better. The transition from a console football game to this is difficult, but you have to expect that. The control set and graphics set are obviously going to be different on the iPad. Once you get used to the game, it is very enjoyable. The problem I find at times is the fluidity of the game. The fluidity gets a bit iffy, as it skips and glitches from time to time.  These hiccups can get annoying at times, but are expected for this type of game and the low pricing.

Overall, I would highly recommend buying this game if you are an iPad user. If you are a huge sports fan like me, you want to have your sports games with you everywhere. Though you cannot expect Madden console quality, this game will bring you hours of fun and playing time for the price of a candy bar. I will give this game an 8/10, because although gameplay can get poor and stutter at times, the price is extremely low for getting a full NFL game including the different game modes. If you are looking for a full NFL game on the go, you have nothing to lose in downloading this game (except losing in the game itself).

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