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Though a photo may be worth a thousand words in most cases, there are plenty of situations where it sure would be nice to have another thousand. With a new iOS app called Frontback, you can. Specifically, the app allows you to take a photo with the front camera on your device, take another with the back camera, and share them in a single, clean photo with your family and friends.

Using the app is fun and simple. The screen is split in half, with the top half used for capturing your first photo, and the lower half used for capturing the second. You take each photo one at a time, and you can always go back and change the front or back photo if you goofed up the shot.


Once you’ve finished taking your two photos, you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as tag your location, provide a description, and save the dual-image onto your phone’s image library.

Frontback even includes its own bite-sized social network, where you can setup a user profile, add and follow friends, and peruse each other’s library of images. Viewing top photos from the ‘Staff Picks’ section of the network is also a cool way to discover creative uses of the app. It could become a lot like Vine, with user-voted images surfacing above the rest – as the app lets you favorite any photo you see.


Frontback is available now for free on the iOS App Store, and is compatible with iOS6-supported devices and later: meaning most iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices. It’s also worth noting that Frontback is fully-optimized for the iPhone 5’s larger screen… just in case you’re mulling over a potential pre-order of an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.

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