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While there exist numerous mobile apps whose goal is to facilitate effortless communication between you, your friends and your devices, very few have tried turning the process into a game. Now, a new free iOS app called Backdoor is trying to do just that: turn digital communication into a friendly, memorable experience.

Backdoor allows users to anonymously message their friends, as well as send along clues to help them guess who is contacting them. Likewise, friends can contact you anonymously, and task you with guessing (based on the conversational clues) who they are. If you can’t guess who the friend is with the free clues provided, you can get your hands on extra clues by purchasing them within the app. Clues such as particular interests, favorite food and music, and even gender are just some of the hints you can retrieve to aid you.

Currently, the app supports friends from Facebook and Google plus.


The app was created by 13 year-old Daniel Singer, who is also the owner of, a site that also allows users to communicate anonymously with family and friends – much in the way you can with Backdoor.

“I created Backdoor to allow people to interact with a different chat dynamic that allows for a totally new way to communicate and share experiences with friends, “ said Daniel Singer, creator of Backdoor.

“I feel that when you remove a key component of a conversation, like identity, you can come up with some pretty cool results which last for a lifetime.

When you send a message on Backdoor you are not just sending a message but you are creating a moment, an experience, a new discovery, not just for you but for the other person. You both engage with a radically different focus, but yet communicate on the same medium with the same content. I think that in of itself is truly extraordinary and can put a new spin on how people communicate.”

The Backdoor app is currently available free of charge on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Though it can be downloaded for the iPad, it has yet to be optimized for the larger screen. Plans to change this and introduce an Android version are slated for arrival in “the near future.”

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