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It’s getting warmer, and that means summer is almost here. And with summer comes that most beloved of events for Apple fans: WWDC, which will be set for this coming June. There, we’re likely to see a new version of iOS, its mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. A post on 9to5Mac says that Apple will probably have iOS 8.4 on offer—but iOS 9 is moving forward for its own debut before too long.

The iOS 7 betas have been largely the same OS we saw at WWDC back in June.
Get ready to see Apple CEO Tim Cook tell us about the next iOS pretty soon.

The post is pretty light on the details. Codenamed “Monarch,” iOS 9 will apparently earn a “WWDC introduction,” so even if iOS 8.4 is what we get with the event, we’ll get a look at what’s in store for the next version of the OS.

Then there’s a redesign for Apple’s personal digital assistant, Siri. The post cites sources who say the redesigned app “closely mimics the more colorful user interface of Siri on the Apple Watch.”

Confession time: I did not know that Siri on the iPhone was not colorful. Nor did I know that the version on the Apple Watch was noticeably more colorful. This is how little I know about Siri. Sorry.

Finally, the post says iOS 9 will have “a default wallpaper made up of a blue and green color scheme,” which is not interesting, but, again, I guess that’s a thing that iPhone users might get riled up about in one way or another. Added as an afterthought is the fact that “Apple has also been working overtime on major security improvements.” Why that detail is mentioned last beats the hell out of me, but there we are.

Anyway, iOS 9 is coming, and from what we hear, it’s coming soon. This is good! Chances are that whatever form iOS 9 takes, it’ll find ways to make improvements on the relationship between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. The two devices have been working well together so far, but there’s always room for improvement.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

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