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The user adoption rate of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7, has been radically quicker than recorded rates for 2012’s iOS 6 and 2011’s iOS 5. As of this morning, somewhere between roughly 30-40% of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users have installed iOS 7, with that number increasing consistently as we march towards the weekend.

News of iOS 7’s speedy reception among users comes from two sources: mobile advertising company Chitika, and analytics tracking company Mixpanel Trends, who reported close enough numbers to make a ballpark estimate of the update’s reception with users.


According to Chitika, over 31.7% of users who accessed an ad serviced on their network were using a device running iOS 7, which was opened up for all eligible iOS users on Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. According to previous rates for the iOS 6 and iOS 5 launches, iOS 6 saw a 24.7% adoption rate over two days, while iOS 5 captured the attention of 10% of users within a comparable 48-hour window.

During iOS 7’s first 24 hours of availability, over 18.2% of the Chitika ads serviced were viewed by iOS 7 devices, while only 14.8% of ads serviced were viewed by iOS 6 users during its 24-hour launch window.

Of course, this is based off of data that’s exclusively derived from advertisement views from one ad company, albeit a large one like Chitika, so it’s hard to get a clear picture of just how many actual users are using iOS 7. Thankfully, because this is the Internet, we have more data.


Another report, from analytics company Mixpanel Trends, claims a much larger iOS 7 adoption rate of over 43.40% as of this morning. Their report was generated from “2,693,935,260 records” that apparently indicate the number of iOS 7 users overall compared to users using iOS 6 (52.64%), and users using an “older” operating system (3.95%).

So, if you combine the facts found in both reports, you could make a fair ball park estimation that more than one third, but slightly less than one-half of iPod, iPhone and iPad devices (that are eligible) are using Apple’s new iOS 7 OS. That’s pretty impressive for any subset of software users, especially since Apple has yet to launch their new  iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C devices,w hich come pre-installed with iOS 7.

As for ourselves, we’ve been using the new OS quite happily here at BestTechie. In fact, we’ve already put together a list of 8 features we love about Apple’s new and exciting OS.

[Source(s): Mixpanel Trends, Chitika]

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