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Apple is including gamepad support in iOS 7 and has even provided concept sketches to manufacturers, but that isn’t stopping the team at Obinova. According to AppAdvice, Obinova is hoping to launch the Invisible Gamepad and improve gaming on touchscreens. In this case, the gamepad isn’t an external electronic accessory like we’ll see for iOS devices later this year, but is instead a set of stick-0n buttons that provide tactile feedback where it otherwise wouldn’t exist.

invisible-gamepad-2The Invisible Gamepad won’t be available in retailers anytime soon — it’s actually still a Kickstarter project. The team at Obinova hopes to raise $7,000 by August 25 in order to take their idea to the next level. If the project is backed fully, the Invisible Gamepad would sell for a retail price of $16. If you want one as soon as possible, you can donate $16 to the Kickstarter project and receive an Invisible Gamepad in August.

To be honest, I’m not sure if the Invisible Gamepad is an original idea. It reminds me a lot of the Fling joystick that came out a while ago, but the Invisible Gamepad does include more than just an analog stick, such as buttons and d-pads in many sizes so that you always have the right one for a particular game. It’s also helpful for Android devices because, while there are games that support controllers, many don’t and instead utilize touchscreen buttons for input. The Invisible Gamepad would at least be another option in that case.

For those who primarily game on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, the Invisible Gamepad may not be a worthwhile investment. With Apple’s gamepad support, dockable and wireless controller options will come that provide a higher-quality gaming experience than stick-on buttons. If you’re still interested in picking up the Invisible Gamepad or if you just want to show your support for the project, you can jump over to the Kickstarter page and kick in a few bucks.

Is the Invisible Gamepad something you’d be interested in for your touchscreen device? Or would you rather have an actual controller? We’d love to get your thoughts on this, so leave them below.

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