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While most professionals assume that employee time tracking software is only beneficial for profitable organizations, quite the opposite couldn’t be more accurate. Essentially, these types of online tools can be utilized in nonprofit organizations for a number of various reasons as nonprofits should be tracking time too. In addition to this, nonprofits also need to schedule employees and volunteers in a way that maximizes the efficiency of business functions. Therefore, automated nonprofit timesheet software will provide your nonprofit organization with the following vital benefits.


Tracking time will ultimately help your nonprofit remain compliant within the industries regulations as one of the most crucial elements required for tax-exemption status. There’s simply no denying that tracking employee and volunteer hours worked can be an absolute nightmare, especially when working with traditional timesheets, which is why taking advantage of the simplicity and error-free aspects of online timesheets are becoming a staple for countless profit and nonprofit organizations around the world. This type of software is extremely innovative and it is able to remove the time-consuming aspect of scheduling employees and generating reports. While there are several different types of online timesheets that are easily available on the market, it is best to only consider options that boast either a discount for nonprofit organizations or ones that allow a free version that does not limit features and functions too much. In addition to this, you should also consider online timesheets that integrate with accounting software such as QuickBooks as this will be an additional benefit for your nonprofit.

Maintain Error-Free Records

When using traditional timesheets, removing small errors can be extremely tedious, especially when considering the long process required to actually identify small errors. Rather than waste time detailing your records and finding yourself frustrated by ongoing errors, online timesheets boast the exceptionally alluring benefit of helping nonprofit organizations maintain records that are ultimately error-free. Even the smallest error can lead to endless disasters for any business, which is why taking advantage of this benefit will be an incredible advantage for your business. What’s more, in the event that your nonprofit is selected for an investigation, you will be able to rest assured that all your records are in pristine condition and reflect accurate information. Unfortunately, being selected for an investigation and not being able to showcase accurate records may ultimately be the end of all your hard work.

Enhance Budget

Nonprofit organizations often find themselves trying to get the most out of every cent, and doing so will essentially ensure your donors feel great about their contributions, which will affect their decision to donate regularly. For this reason, it is vital to stretch your budget as much as possible and when considering that online timesheets will help you in this regard, there is absolutely no reason why your nonprofit shouldn’t be using the technology to your advantage. Online timesheets can help you determine areas where you can reduce expenses and optimize capital. You will be able to best delegate employees and volunteers and identify waste in a simple and effortless manner. You will be able to use the tool to cut waste and overlay by identifying issues such as overstaffing or even understaffing among others.

Save Time

We all know that time is just as precious as money, if not more, which is why you should be taking advantage of online tools that will reduce the amount of time you spend on certain organizational tasks. Online timesheets can help you save an exceptional amount of time as collecting time cards and running payroll can be quite time-consuming without the innovation of the online world. Investing a small amount into online timesheets will help you delegate your time saved towards other aspects of running your nonprofit, such as managing your social media presence, hosting alluring online fundraisers, and planning community outreach events that will serve your cause.

Online timesheets are used in countless businesses around the world as the notable benefits are able to enhance business functions and reduce errors. When considering just how many benefits the innovative online tool can provide, you should consider making the switch to enjoy the ultimate peace of mind that comes with error-free timesheets and records. Our nonprofit organization will be able to thrive without concern for investigations that may pick up on innocent errors found on your records and you will be able to impress your donors with outstanding budget achievements. Essentially, you will be able to invest your focus back into your cause rather than constantly tying up the loose ends of time-consuming admin.

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