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Apple Watch, Schmapple Smatch, am I right? When it comes to wearables, Android users are spoiled for choice as far as different configurations and features are concerned, with yet another entrant in the growing Android Wear ecosystem allegedly leaked onto the web today. A new post on GizChina points back to Weibo, which claims to have an image and details for a new smartwatch out of Chinese tech company Oppo – one that’ll only need to charge for five minutes a day. Hmmmmm…

GizChina says the new device out of Oppo runs Android Wear and that its five minute charging time could be the next evolution of Oppo’s “VOOC fast charger” for the Oppo N3. As to whether or not a five minute charge time is to be believed is another story, though. Five minutes for a full charge? I’m not sure – but that’d be swell, right?

There are no other details besides that. And while the source of this image and information isn’t entirely clear, plenty of outlets across the web have picked up the Oppo watch story. If nothing else, this is a rumor that a lot of folks seem to hope will come true for one reason or another. As for the design, if the image is the real deal, we’ll have yet another round-faced smartwatch to choose from. Other than that – who knows?

There is definitely reason to believe that Oppo will be jumping into the smartwatch game, and some more reason still to imagine that it’ll be an Android Wear device. The debut of the Huawei Watch seemed to signal that China’s tech firms are making a big push for Android Wear hardware, so why not Oppo too? But until we hear more in an official capacity, this is very firmly going to stay in the rumor department.

[Sources: GizChina, Weibo]

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