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The Mobile World Congress has come and gone, but OEMs are still making plans to unveil their new products for the coming year. And since Samsung took the occasion to let the world in on its plans for the Galaxy S5, is competitors have a bit of time to figure out their plans of attack. HTC, for one, seems to be making plans to give its next flagship smartphone the best camera found in an Android handset, if the latest round of supposed leaks are to be believed.

htc-one-all-new-one-leak-hardforum-1A report on BGR points the way back to posts on Hardforum, in which a user who goes by the name Ron FTL offered up photos and impressions of his friend’s prototype HTC M8, which is expected to go by the name “The All New One” when many believe it’ll be officially unveiled by HTC at an event in New York City on March 25.

So what does Ron FTL (who, I must assume, moves Faster Than Light), have to say about the All New One, or, as I like to call it, the One Two? In short: “omg.”

“Played with one today. Omg. My friend has an evaluation model from HTC. I played with it quite a bit today. Software was still really buggy, Zoe didn’t work, keyboard autocorrect didn’t work and few other streams FC’d like Youtube and stuff but omfg this phone is fast.

“Faster than my Google Edition S4. Front camera is incredible. 4-megapixel front-facing camera. Was really crisp. Didn’t get a chance to try out the dual rear camera but it was amazing. Thinner than the 2013 One and taller. I’m going to try and play with it a bit more, but I’m already sold on it.”

So it’s fast—that’s good for Ron FTL. But the camera is also worthy of note. We’ve heard once already that the All New One will sport dual camera lenses to give users more options later on in terms of focus and editing. The poster also claims that the front-facing camera will be four megapixels, which is extremely good for a front-camera, and outpaces the one that’ll be on Samsung’s Galaxy S5, according to this post on BGR about that phone’s specs.

htc-one-all-new-one-leak-hardforum-2If the HTC All New One’s camera can live up to this hype, it’ll definitely have an edge in the race for Android supremacy. Nokia’s Lumia 1020 is the most powerful camera-phone out there with a 41 megapixel camera—but because it’s a Windows Phone, users may not want to bother switching to that platform. HTC can stake a claim to having the best camera out there, and that might actually be enough to slay Samsung in the marketplace. After all, the Galaxy S5 is going to be pricey, and it offers lots of features that the average smartphone user might not care about.

But a fancy camera on a platform that many people already know? That could do nicely.

[Source: BGR]

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