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People used to be excited to receive mail from someone, at least so I was told by angel investor and co-founder of Ping (a new email app coming out in September) Guy Gamzu.  “We want to bring excitement back to receiving (e)mail,” he said.  I’m sure you would agree–that’s one tough task, most people groan when a new email pops into their inbox, but once you see how Ping works, I think you will have a newfound love for email.

Several people and companies have tried to “fix” and improve email over the years, but most of them have not been very successful, so what makes me think Ping will be so successful? Well, instead of trying to fix what’s “wrong” with email, Ping has re-imagined the way in which we use email today by understanding the basics of email.  In fact, if you really think about it, most of the features of email are even derived from traditional memos and letters, the To and From fields, the CC line, the Subject line, the signature, attachments, and so on.

Ping takes those features and enhances them in a way that makes sense for everyone.  If you handed someone (who had never used email) an iPhone with Ping installed and said, “this is email,” I’m thoroughly convinced after seeing a preview of Ping that they would think email was awesome — not something you get swallowed alive in.

The app has a unique approach to sorting emails which doesn’t involve any guesswork.  It also sports several unique and useful features, including a great way to sort through attachments and other files that are in your inbox.  It almost looks like you’re using Facebook or WhatsApp to communicate with people, but it’s not — it’s email.  What’s great is that Ping will work with Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, and iCloud right off the bat unlike other recent email apps that only focus on one particular email platform.

Email should be useful and enjoyable to use, there shouldn’t be any pressure involved in managing your inbox.  “We don’t think people need to be under pressure to get to Inbox Zero,” said Mr. Gamzu.

Ping will be available on iOS first, but I was told by Mr. Gamzu that an Android and desktop app are also on the company’s radar screen. If you’re interested in keeping up to date on the latest information about Ping enter your phone number on their website to reserve your place.

I got a preview of Ping yesterday and I’d highly recommend you check out Robert Scoble’s Google Glass video showing off Ping below with co-founder Erez Pilosof. We’ll also have a full review/write-up once Ping goes live.

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