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If HTC was trying to keep the One M9 flagship handset under wraps ahead of its big March 1 reveal in Barcelona, it’s not doing a super job right now. After yesterday’s image and spec leaks, a batch of new videos featuring the smartphone seem to have leaked online today, and give us the best glimpse of the new Android smartphone.

While just how these videos made their way out of HTC isn’t known, a post on 9to5Google points the way back to a now-deleted tweet from Upleaks, a source that’s offered up plenty of insider info on HTC products before (sometimes proving accurate, other times not).

So what’s on offer in the videos? (Update! All three were pulled, but they were then combined into a single video, which is posted below)

We get a glimpse into how HTC’s latest version of Sense gives users fine-tuned control over their home screen and icons through Themes; we get a general overview of what the new One M9 has to offer, like its two-toned metal finish, its context-sensitive Home widget, and other features; and another look at how the One M9’s new camera works:

These videos may or may not be the real deal, but considering how leak-heavy HTC was prior to the One M8’s release last year, I’m betting that this is what we’ll see on stage at MWC next week. Moreover, someone would have had to go to some pretty insane lengths to mock up three fake videos featuring a new smartphone.

As far as what the videos actually show, if they’re to be believed, the new One M9 looks pretty awesome – but not particularly revolutionary. I’ll probably be eating my words once HTC unveils the new handset. But there don’t seem to be any major design departures going on here that will knock anyone’s socks off. HTC’s new features inside of Sense and Blinkfeed sound neat, but – speaking personally – I’m pretty sick of OEMs mucking around with Android with their extra junk. It would take a lot more than the Home widget to convince me otherwise at this point.

Still, the One M9 screams premium. And with concrete details of whatever rumored wearable being developed at HTC still under wraps, it’s entirely possible that there will be some killer wearable-compatible features announced on March 1 that will indeed blow us away. Until then, keep watching the videos and get hyped.

[Source: 9to5Google]

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