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When HTC announced its weekly “Hot Deals” promotion last Tuesday, it started off with a bang by selling the brand new Nexus 9 tablet at a 50 percent discount. Today, their deal is similarly huge, though slightly less hot: starting at 9 a.m. Pacific, you can buy a new, unlocked HTC One M8 for Android for only $299.

Even though the HTC One M8 launched back in April, it still commands the premium price of $649 for an unlocked unit. That’s because it was one of the best reviewed Android smartphones to come out in 2014, so an unlocked price of $299 is super great. However, that price will only go to the first 200 lucky users who manage to get through HTC’s customer-bombarded servers to buy one. After that, another 300 consumers will have the opportunity to buy the One M8 for $499. Not as hot a deal as $299, to be sure, but it’s still $150 less than $650.

All told, the deal will go until 9 p.m. Pacific tonight, or until those 500 handsets are snapped up by customers. If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, you can’t do much better than the One M8 at either one of these prices – especially since it’ll be unlocked, meaning you can take it to any carrier you want, or even resell it to a wider number of potential buyers.

What will HTC be putting on the Hot Deals block next? Come back a week from today to find out…

[HTC Hot Deals, @HTCUSA]

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