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This year’s been a bit kinder to HTC than previous years have been. The buzz surrounding the HTC One M8 was pretty huge prior to its release, and reviews of that handset have been almost unanimously positive. Despite some trouble going on with the company’s executives a few weeks back, all signs are pointing to a company that’s on the road to recovery. Today, Neowin reports that HTC is planning a big press event on August 19, at which it’s said that the company will lift the curtain on two interesting new devices that could further bolster its fortunes.

The post says that HTC has sent out invites to a New York press event scheduled for August. There, says Neowin, we may get our first real glimpse at HTC’s first Windows Phone effort in two years, which could be the One M8 – but running the Windows Phone mobile OS. If true, the post says that it’ll be called, quite appropriately, the HTC One M8 for Windows.

Despite the fact that loading a previously released phone with a new OS isn’t terribly dramatic, the fact remains that the One M8 is a pretty great piece of hardware. Adding a Windows Phone option could be just the shot in the arm that Microsoft’s beleaguered mobile operating system needs. The post adds that recent reports point to an August 21 release date for the new handset.

This new device might end up being the phone of a Windows Phone user’s dreams – but is it the best move for HTC? The install base for Windows Phone is pretty small, overall. I do believe that putting out an M8 handset running Windows Phone will be a boost for Microsoft, but I have to wonder whether HTC expects big things out of such a move as well.

So here’s a crazy theory. Feel free to shoot holes in it, as I’m just kind of making this up as I go along, mostly in order to provide an explanation for what might be happening here. Maybe – just maybe – the M8 for Windows is actually HTC’s way of recycling unsold Android M8 units. This is a theory with no evidence, but hey, it makes a kind of sense, right?


It’ll be interesting to see what happens on August 19. If the specs of the M8 for Windows are the same as the Android version released earlier this year, my theory might not be so crazy after all. If not, then I’m curious to find out how many units HTC is committing to making – and how long it’ll be before the company goes for another Windows Phone.

[Source: Neowin]


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