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Today, HTC sent invitations out to members of the media for an event happening on October 8 in New York. Just what the event is for isn’t totally clear, though the invite seems to refer to the event as “double exposure.”

What does that mean? As you can see in the image above, the two green squares seem to highlight the camera on whatever HTC device those two ladies are holding. Moreover, the reveal of the HTC One M8 earlier this year highlighted that smartphone’s abilities in the realm of its camera. HTC seems to be trying to position itself as having the best cameras available on Android smartphones, if not all smartphones period.

Meanwhile, rumors about HTC’s collaboration with Google on the next Nexus tablet continue to swirl. It’s probably pretty unlikely that HTC would take the time and effort to announce a Google-branded tablet at its own event, and there’s certainly nothing about the invite to suggest that this is the case. Even still, what else might we see there? What kind of new wonder-phone will HTC have to show off next month? What do you hope to see?

Take a look at the full invite below (minus the private details, of course) and let us know what you think HTC has up its sleeve.


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