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If you were hoping to get a high-end Windows 10 handset when the revamped mobile OS from Microsoft launches later this year, it seems that HTC and LG will have you covered…probably…maybe.

HTC says “We’ll See”

The company’s CFO Chia-Lin Chang said that HTC is working closely with Microsoft on a Windows 10 handset—but that partnership will only bear fruit depending on whether or not the new operating system is actually any good.

WindowsCentral reports that Chang had this to say when asked at an event in India about whether or not HTC would be working on a Windows 10 Phone:

“We’ll see how the new version of the Windows operating system shapes up and where it fits in the HTC lineup.”

So there are two things going on here, based on the report. Chang said that they’re working closely, and also said, “we’ll see.” Those seem like two somewhat competing sentiments about the likelihood of a Windows 10 phone from HTC.

Still, HTC surprised me when it released a Windows Phone version of the One M8 last year. With the One M9 this year and the desire to differentiate itself from the other Android smartphones coming out, HTC may be wise to diversify with Windows. Moreover, Microsoft has gained lots of cool points with its Windows 10 Preview over the last few months. If nothing else, an HTC-made Windows 10 Phone may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to doubling down on those cool points.

The products from Microsoft’s phone division, formerly Nokia Mobile, are often easily spotted by their plastic cases and bright colors. HTC, meanwhile, makes phones that stand out thanks to brushed metal finishes and premium materials. In short, it’s in Microsoft’s best interests to make sure that HTC is as happy as can be with Windows 10.

1_screen_shot_2015-04-15_at_1.19.58_pmLG Windows Phone Render Spotted

A post over on Neowin offers up an image that appears to be a render of an LG phone running the Windows Phone OS—but rather than being Windows 10, it seems to show Windows Phone 8.1, the current iteration of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

The source of the image is unknown, too—having come from an anonymous tipster it seems. The post also says that the phone will be for Verizon customers, though there’s no real source for that info aside from an earlier report, which itself points the way back to a post on a site called MyLGPhones.

In short—hey, look! It’s a render of an LG phone that might show what their take on a Windows Phone could be.

But if both LG and HTC come out with Windows 10 Phones that look good and work well? That could certainly be a big feather in Microsoft’s cap this summer.

[Sources: Neowin, WindowsCentral]

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