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I received an email a few days ago from Justin, a member of our online community and he wants to know how to VNC between a Mac and PC on the same network. This should be relatively easy for the most part and can be done for free with the following programs: Microsoft Remote Desktop for OSX and TightVNC Viewer or UltraVNC Viewer on the PC side of things. Once those are installed, you will need to enable Screen Sharing (make sure you set a password as well) on the Mac via System Preferences and look under the Sharing options. On the PC you will need to right click My Computer choose Properties and Click Remote Settings (In Vista) or the Remote Tab (In XP) and tick Allow connections to this computer from Remote Desktop as well at the top where it says Allow Remote Assistance (separate application, but good to have ticked).

Now once you have done that you’re good to go. Input the LAN (Local) IP of each machine into either Remote Desktop on the Mac or in the VNC viewer on the PC, click Connect and then enter the password for each one when prompted to do so.

That should be all you need to do and I hope that answers your question Justin or anyone else who was curious as to how to accomplish this task.

How often do you VNC to other computers on your network? Leave a comment!

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