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Subs is a .99c application for the iPhone and/or iPod Touch that allows you to view your YouTube subscriptions on the go with ease.  You can watch, go through, and search all of your subscribers from within the Subs app.

The Subs interface is clean and easy to navigate and is able to provide a solution to accessing your YouTube subscriptions from anywhere in the world (provided you have a cell phone or wifi signal).  Additionally, since subscription information is public you are not limited to only your own subscriptions but can even look through other YouTube members subscriptions as well – all you need is their username.

If you notice that a particular listed video does not play it is most likely because it may take up to an additional hour for YouTube to convert the video to be able to play on the iPhone or iPod Touch.  It will play eventually, you may just have to wait a few minutes or so.

The application is seamlessly integrated into the built-in YouTube player on the iPhone and iPod Touch by default which makes it easy to watch and a video and return to the page you were last on in the application itself, therefore not losing your spot and having to go through all the pages again.

Overall, very nice application for .99c – especially if you love YouTube!

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