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If you have a Digital Video Recorder or Tivo, then you know it fills up.  A DVR only has so much space on its hard drive before you have to start removing shows.  If you want to save them for later on a DVD, it’s not too hard.  Here’s how:

Transferring DVR video to DVD:

1.)    DVD Recorder: You need to buy a DVD recorder.  There are a number of different brands on the market that will run you between $60 and $250.  But, it is a great investment if you have multiple shows you want to save.

2.)    Cue up:  Cue up the show that you have saved on DVR that you want to transfer to DVD.

3.)    Connect:  There are a couple of ways to connect depending on your outputs and inputs.  The easiest way is to connect the DVD recorder to your DVR’s output using RCA Audio/Video cables.  But you can also connect an S-Video and composite stereo cables (red and white RCA plugs) from the DVR to the inputs on your DVD Recorder. Or, if your TV has Component inputs, connect the Component Out from the DVD Recorder to the Component In on the TV.

4.)    Inputs: Make sure the input on your DVD recorder matches the inputs you are using.  If it composite (RCA Audio/Video) then you would choose that option (typically called A/V).  If you are using the rear S-Video input, change your input to “L1.”  If you are recording using the front analog cables, it will be “L2.”  You should check your DVD Recorder manual to make sure you have the right settings for the right inputs.

5.)    TV Input: If you are directly connected to the DVR, you don’t need to change the input in your TV.  However, if you are hooked up through your TV, you will need to change the input on the TV to match the inputs you are using to connect the DVD Recorder, such as “Video 2” if you are using those rear inputs.

6.)    Test it:  Make sure you have everything connected correctly by playing the recorded TV show back from the DVR and see if the video and audio is being played back on the TV.  You should be able to see and hear your video.

7.)    Disc: Make sure you have the right type of DVD disc to record.  It will typically be a DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW.  Also, depending the length of the show you want to record, the speed may need to be adjusted on the DVD recorder.  Then, insert the disc.  Sometimes it will format the disc for recording.

8.)    Record:  Play the recorded show back and push record on the DVD recorder.  If you want to record more than one show, you can hit pause on the DVD recorder and then cue up the other show on the DVR.  To resume, hit pause again on the DVD recorder and play on the DVR.

9.)    Finalize: Once you have recorded your show, hit stop on the recorder.  It will ask to “finalize” the disc for playback on DVD players, choose “yes.”

Now you are ready to enjoy your DVD on a DVD player.  Important to note, however, some of the newer DVD players that play BluRay discs have trouble playing back recordable discs.  If that happens, your best bet is to buy a cheap DVD player that can play it back.

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