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By now you have probably heard of Google Buzz.  Are you not feeling the Buzz?  Do you think it has a poor user interface?  Are you content with your current social networks and platforms?  That’s cool, you are probably not alone.  Obviously, not everyone likes every product created by a company so I have created this super simple tutorial to disable Google Buzz from your Gmail account.

Here’s how to disable (hide) Buzz from appearing in your Gmail account.

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Click the Settings link on the top right
  3. Navigate over to the Labels tab
  4. Find Buzz listed under your Labels
  5. Click Hide

That’s it!  It is so easy and simple.  Now you will never see anything Buzz related (well, in your Gmail at least) ever again.

Update: As one of our commenters points out there is also a button “turn off Buzz” located at the bottom of Gmail.

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