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Are you setting up a new online store? Choosing a theme for your store is one of the first steps during setup. It sets the tone for your store and speaks volumes about the purpose of your store. The perfect theme can go a long way in getting your web store noticed by millions of people who make online purchases every day. Read on to know more about the themes offered by Shopify.

Choosing A Theme By Category

It’s easy to set up a theme and customize your settings on your Shopify account. Many of the themes offered by Shopify are free. One of the ways of selecting a theme is by choosing a theme category. Here are all the theme categories on Shopify you need to know about.

Trending This Week

Themes are updated according to their popularity

These are the themes currently trending and are updated every hour. From themes with clean lines to feature collections to themes that are perfect for your next crowdfunding adventure, you’ll find them all here.

Big, Beautiful Imagery

Make your images shine with these themes

As the name suggests, gorgeous pictures are the focus of this category of themes. A great option for photography and travel enthusiasts and those who love displaying high-quality photographs to showcase a product collection in an online store.

New Theme Releases

Check out the latest themes on Shopify

This category showcases the freshest themes available on Shopify. Great themes are added often Most of the new releases are paid themes.

Fun And Lively

Bright and colorful to match your products

Does your product list have plenty of quirkiness and color? This category of themes works well with stores who have an emphasis on showcasing their colorful products like apparel, accessories, beauty products, and more.

Minimalist Style

No-fuss themes for minimalistic design lovers

Featuring clean and minimalistic designs, less is more in this category of themes. Slathered in mostly neutral backgrounds, these themes are perfect to let the products in your online store shine.

Great For Large Inventories

Lots of space to fit your large inventory

These are spacious themes that are ideal for commercial stores with plenty of products to display. These themes will add style to your store without compromising on the functionality of the store.

Great For Small Inventories

Compact yet stylish to display your products

Looking for a theme to display a limited product quantity? Check out this theme category from Shopify that will make sure all the focus is on your products.

Grid-Style Layout

Offers a great user-friendly experience with easing scrolling

These set of themes are great for displaying multiple products and collections in one place. Quick scrolling and easy viewing of the products will help boost the user experience.

Choosing A Theme By Industry

While themes can overlap into different industries, selecting a theme to match your product can give you that perfect edge over other competitors. For example, if you have an online store selling paintings, a bright and colorful theme can go a long way to perfectly showcase your artwork while a technology store will benefit from a sleek and minimalist design. Let’s take a look at the different industries that can benefit by using Shopify themes.

Art & Photography

Great for artwork and photographs

Showcase your brilliant artwork, beautifully composed photographs, and more with a collection of 9 themes.

Clothing & Fashion

Display all your products related to the fashion industry

This collection features over 50 themes to cater to business owners to want to showcase products such as clothing, shoes, bags, and more.

Jewelry & Accessories

Perfect themes to match your jewelry and accessories brand

Flaunt your favorite jewelry pieces and dainty accessories with a collection of over 20 themes.


Watch your gadgets come alive with these themes

Make your store a paradise for gadget lovers with themes that are perfect to display your electronic items.

Food & Drink

Create a haven for food lovers everywhere

These themes especially cater to food and drink lovers everywhere. From fresh organic produce to craft beers, you can perfectly showcase your products on these themes.

Home & Garden

Comfortable and cozy theme designs just like your products

Make your customers enjoy the comforts of home and your love for plants while scrolling through your home and garden products. There are over 20 themes specially created for this industry.


Great themes for your furniture brand

There are many themes to showcase the best furniture products and make it easier for users to pick the right one.

Health & Beauty

All your beauty and health products will look great with these themes

Shopify has a lovely collection of themes to help showcase your health and beauty products. From natural, non-toxic products to the latest makeup trends, the themes have everything you kickstart your store.

Sports & Recreation

Make your sports and recreation brands shine

These themes specialize in showcasing businesses that deal in sports and athletic apparel, backpacks, sneakers, geared bikes, and more.

Toys & Games

Product displays that parents and kids will love

Kids are one of the biggest customer bases in the world. Shopify has several themes to showcase toys and games for kids of all ages.


Everything but the kitchen sink is covered here

There are also several themes available for businesses that don’t fit in any industry mold. From businesses selling shoelaces to budding songwriters or musicians, Shopify themes have you covered.

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