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Simplify Media is an iPhone/iPod Touch App which allows you to access/listen to your music anywhere (provided you have a connection of some sort – WiFi, 3G, or Edge). It works on Windows, OSX, and Linux and supports iTunes, Winamp, and RhythmBox.  The iPhone/iPod Touch app is available in the App Store for $3.99.  The software that is installed on your desktop (Windows, OSX, or Linux) is free.

Once you have the software installed on both your iPhone/iPod Touch and desktop computer you will need to setup an account with Simplify Media (also free).  The account allows you to connect to your own music library.  The software also allows you to add up to 30 other accounts (friends or family) to have access to your music library (or you can configure a particular playlist) so they can listen too.

You can navigate your music by artists, albums, genres, and playlists which is definitely a plus.  The application will display the album art (if there is any) for the current song while playing and also provides additional information about the band/artist (taken from and even lyrics (taken from LyricWiki).  If you have a account, you can configure Simplify Media to scrobble the songs played onto your profile.

How is the quality of the music?  The quality is fairly decent from streaming media.  If you have decent headphones, it sounds pretty good.  One thing I was particularly impressed with was the fact I didn’t run into any buffering issues.  Each song buffers once (before it starts playing) and then is completely uninterrupted for the duration of the song.

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