How Long Until the iPad Pro Is Released?

Today’s Apple event led to the release of OS X Mavericks, new Retina MacBook Pros, a new Mac Pro, and a brand new lineup of iPads.  This is all pretty much what we expected to see out of the event, however, Apple did one little thing that will surely lead to a number of new rumors and speculation.  They changed the name of the iPad, from iPad with Retina Display to simply: iPad Air.

While it could be argued this was simply because the new iPad is so light (it weighs in at 1 pound), I highly doubt that alone is the case.  Just like Apple’s MacBook line of products, there is now an Air model for the iPad.  To me this means an iPad Pro is coming.  Yes, an iPad Pro.  A likely more powerful, and a bit more expensive iPad model.  Some of the obvious things it could include: Touch ID (which still isn’t available on any iPad), more RAM, and a faster processor.  Aside from that I’m still not sure, though I’ll definitely be thinking about it.  I might venture a guess at a bigger screen, maybe.  Maybe.

Apple is so methodical — they think out everything, this is the roadmap for the “Post PC” era.  Tablets are becoming so powerful and can do so many tasks, it just makes sense to differentiate them in the same way we do for computers.  By the way, did you see that you can now purchase an 128GB iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display?  Yep, Apple now offers 128GB iPads.

I, for one, am excited to journey into the next phase of the Post PC era.  Let’s crank up the rumor mill.  Leave a comment below when you think the iPad Pro will be released.

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  1. I Guess crowd does most of the creative thinking for Apple, they are only required to concentrate on ways to implement them.. :P

  2. Ipad Pro will Surely come out with Mac OSX and not IOS. That completes the missing link. They don’t have a enterprise level tablet.

    1. If they put Desktop OSX on an iPad, they will have to have a touch UI and point and click capability, like on the desktop….like Windows 8 or thereabouts…somehow I don’t see apple wanting to do that especially after mocking the idea of a touch AND mouse/keyboard UI. The only way I can see this working is to have a desktop UI with larger and modified menus.

  3. I only use my iPad for Internet consumption, social media, email, light notes, and games. I do real work on my PC. What is the point of a Pro for people like me?

  4. Considering the fact the MacbookPro product line is being reduced in 2014 to just the models with 13″ an 15″ Retina displays and SSD, it’s unlikely an iPad Pro would be introduced unless it was a larger form factor or hybrid. In case the author hasn’t noticed, Apple upgrades processors every generation and there is nothing new about 128GB memory.

  5. Seems rather pointless unless you could do more on one.The reason they have pro laptops is because you can open more programs and do more multitasking. OS X doesn’t leave this in your hands and so the user experience on a pro tablet would be largely the same with maybe a few milliseconds less lag. I’m sure some people who just sign their paychecks over to Apple for anything would buy it, but I’m not sure what the point would be if they didn’t make some drastic OS changes to make use of the additional power.

  6. why would you need so much RAM and a faster processor on a iPad? I say just invest the money in a actually machine with a keyboard and Full programs to utilize the extra hardware.

  7. Why bother if it does not have an active digiiser pen, which I have on my Note 2, Note 8 and Note 10.1 (going to sell 10.1, Note 8 is good enough for me)?

    The Galaxy Note series are all about the PEN.

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