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How many millennials do you know that are currently freelancing or are self-employed? Are they photographers, real-estate agents, eBay sellers? Almost 55 million Americans are freelancing today due to the economic situation and a desire for more independence, especially among millennials. That’s 35% of the current workforce, and most of the time they don’t have a simplified solution that allows them to quickly create an online presence.

Having an online presence in today’s modern world is extremely important. It’s where potential customers can easily go online and check out your past-listings, items for sale, etc. and get a feel for your work. It’s essentially a great marketing tool for yourself in order to attract new clients. The problem is that many freelancers and self-employers don’t have the time, energy, resources, or knowledge to create an online presence in order for them to grow their brand. Think of the mom-and-pop type of businesses that may use tools like Wix or Weebly, which can be difficult to use, in order to market themselves online. Other solutions like hiring website designers can be expensive or complicated to implement.

Wisestamp is aiming to close this gap. It is on a mission to help these freelancers and self-employers grow their “micro-businesses’. WiseStamp is already used by over 700,000 self-employed professionals to send over 150 million emails a month, so they know the micro-business space pretty well. With the launch of their new product, WiseIntro, they’re aiming to provide a simple solution for self-employers and freelancers in order to instantly create an online business presence – without all the frills.


What WiseIntro claims to do differently, is that it doesn’t target SMB’s, rather the “little guy” who is trying to make his business grow. Using WiseIntro, users can create a professional page to showcase their work, gain leads, and grow their brand by creating a website in minimal time. It allows these professionals to actually look professional, attract new clients and grow their clientele through their personal branding.

How does it do this? WiseIntro lets users integrate a variety of apps which automatically display their latest Tweets and other social posts, listings, merchandise, photos, and more, depending on their specialty. This means that a photographer can showcase their portfolio using the Instagram app, and a real-estate agent can show off their most recent listings. This happens automatically so that all the latest posts are shown on the webpage. These profession-specific apps can optimize the page and results in a dynamic website that brands who the user is and what they can do for the customer.

The company has also partnered with GoDaddy to make it even easier for them to purchase a domain name through the platform, instead of having to go separately to the GoDaddy page – saving time and headache.

Though WiseIntro is affordable and simple, it’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up against others in a crowded space. Although giant, Wix, is targeted to SMBs, and not micro-businesses, it recently launched an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) feature where it makes a website for you, essentially making it so that anybody can create a website in minimal time.

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