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Some new reporting out of Nikkei Asian Review indicates that suppliers are still struggling to raise the output levels of the iPhone X’s 3D sensor which is impacting the amount of devices able to be produced. As previously reported, it’s possible that production of the iPhone X is only around 10,000 units per day.

Two executives working for iPhone suppliers told Nikkei Asian Review that makers of 3-D sensor parts are still struggling to reach a satisfactory level of output, and to boost their yield rate. […] Both sources were unable to offer clarity on whether Apple could meet demand after launch of the iPhone X. One said the phone was being produced in small quantities, around tens of thousands daily.

The report then goes on to say that one analyst believes Foxconn has been able to produce 2 million iPhone X units in September and is likely to be able to produce another 10 million units in October.

Jeff Pu, an analyst at Taipei-based Yuanta Investment Consulting, also identified the 3-D sensors as the only major issue remaining. […] According to Pu’s estimate, Foxconn churned out 2 million units of the iPhone X in September, and in October that number should rise to 10 million. He said that Foxconn will have assembled a total of 40 million iPhone X phones by year-end, lower than his estimate of 45 million earlier this year.

“Supply will still be tight after Nov. 3,” Pu noted.

As you are likely aware, iPhone X pre-orders start on October 27 at 12AM PST/3AM EST and will be arriving at people’s doorsteps starting on November 3. If these reports are accurate, it looks like Apple will have approximately 12 million iPhone X’s available to ship [worldwide] initially. So let’s break this down:

When Apple launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in 2015, the company sold 13 million iPhones during the initial launch weekend (which includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). If I were a betting man, I’d bet that the iPhone X demand is going to be even higher and remember, there will only be 12 million units available (for both online and in store sales). So what should you do if you want one on November 3?

WAKE UP (or stay awake)! Place your order for the iPhone X at exactly 12AM PST/3AM EST as I’m guessing it will take just minutes for the ship dates to slip to December and then January.

Here’s are some additional insider tips to increase your chances of getting an iPhone X on November 3.

Go to Apple’s website right now and go through the iPhone X selection process, meaning, choose your carrier, color, and storage capacity. It obviously will not let you buy it, but you can favorite that configuration so it will already be filled out and ready to go on October 27. Simply select the iPhone X you favorited and pre-configured from earlier and checkout.

One other recommendation: usually the Apple Store app on iOS tends to be the quickest and easiest way to place your order for things, especially on launch days.

Aside from that…. good luck and Godspeed.

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