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A NYC marketing technology firm, Next Millennium Media, have rolled out further enhancements to their proprietary technology that connects high-end brand directly with high-end publishers. To understand why this is such a valuable contribution to the industry, let’s first start by evaluating some challenges faced in digital advertising:

Challenges faced by publishers:

Digital publishers have seen unexplained declines in ad revenue and profitability yet on the buying side, media buyers do not always see lower cost per clicks. In the case of Google (Alphabet), publishers in the network saw CPC’s drop by 25% in 2018 and 7% in 2019.  Considering other ad platforms in the world of digital display advertising: it is agreed that too many intermediaries participate, where drastic innovation is needed to restore a once profitable industry to its former glory. This has led to many publishers cutting out intermediaries and selling ads directly. The big challenge however is that most do not have the technology to make ad serving a seamless process where targeting and programmatic can still bring its intended benefits.


Growing publisher revenue by up to 400%:

Lazar Rubin

When asked about the innovative solutions Next Millennium Media brings to publishers and advertisers, CEO Lazar Rubin said: “Our proprietary technology help website owners with over a million to a hundred million users, who don’t have their own resources to sell directly to advertisers and don’t have the ability or time for their own technology, to manage all the types of advertising on one server. Essentially, our company provides unique high paying digital ad campaigns, as well as the technology to display these ads, that create revenue by focusing on viewability.” It is understood that the jump in publisher revenue does not necessarily come from higher prices to advertisers, but rather by removing all the unnecessary intermediaries from the ecosystem. That said, there are ways in which the proprietary technology used by Next Millennium Media can help publishers highlight more valuable inventory, thereby attracting a more decent rate.

Making the most of video:

The recent growth in video inventory as well as concerted attempts by advertisers to tap into this opportunity is a phenomenon that reshapes budget allocation in display advertising. For example: According to Alphabet, in 2019 alone, Youtube alone saw an increase of 11.5% in revenue, reaching $15.1Billion. Ariel Lipkies, the senior director of video at Next Millennium Media said: “We now negotiate directly with some of the most famous content producers worldwide in multiple sectors, including sports, entertainment, beauty, lifestyle and science – and off course tech, to build a bridge between publishers and advertisers that delivers high value to both. Injecting your video ads into high VTR pre-roll video ad playlists to be seen by the right user at the right time has become much easier with our proprietary technology and huge list of participating influencers.”

AI and data science that retains the human touch:

When running an ad campaign on some of the world’s biggest platforms, media buyers these days see a message that says “learning” – which I supposedly the ad platform learning through AI, but nobody actually gets to communicate with a consultant to understand what has been learned and how will it actually benefit the advertiser. So it is true that a big challenge these days is handing everything over to AI and automation but lacking the human touch for intervention and action on insights. At Next Millennium Media, they have leading data scientists on board, like Will Bachrach, the Head of Product. But as a key component of maximizing profitability and easy of use, the human touch is available right there on the platform via support to both advertisers and publishers. This is perhaps one of the key differentiators: AI that functions smoothly alongside human touch. Next Millennium Media calls this “a concierge-level customer service to its users accompanied by easy integration.”

Which publishers are eligible?

Finding the right publisher solution to serve ads directly does depend on the scale of the business. Very small publishers typically have to forfeit the benefits of dealing directly with the exception of guest posting as a form of native. In the case Next Millennium media, website owners that have between 1 million and 100 million monthly users are just about the right target group that are eligible to use the technology.

Final scoop?

Increasing publisher revenue remains a challenge for smaller publishers that are reliant on the big media oligopolies of the world. Yet for publishers that breach the 1 million traffic mark – options are opening up to cut out the middleman and move to direct ad serving that can lead to decent spikes in revenue.



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