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There are no two ways about the fact that audiovisuals are incredibly effective when it comes to attracting viewers and putting an impression on their brains. Nowadays, a lot of companies provide digital signage for corporations that aid in enhanced communication with the employees as well as customers. 

If you are a developing firm and wish to explore new technologies to improve your business, listed below are a few uses of digital signage that can prove to be extremely helpful for you. Keep reading.

Display a custom welcome message

Digital signage can be used to show gratitude towards your customers and clients through a beautiful welcome message. You can use the logo of your brand and display it creatively, along with a warm, welcoming quote. This is a great way to tell your customers how happy you are to receive them at your firm and can give a new life to your welcome message. 

Display the story of your firm 

If you are the one who takes pride in the history of your firm, then digital signage around your office can be a perfect means to spread the story of your firm. Tell them how you came up with the idea of your firm, how old it is, who all have contributed to making it what it is today, and how far have you come.

Display your latest achievements 

Your achievements need to be celebrated. Thus, you can also use these screens as a means to share the latest winnings of your firm. You can even showcase the reviews and appreciation that you’ve received from renowned sources. This would also motivate your employees by evoking a feeling of development. 

Display a tour of your property

If your property is vast, you can use a screen at the entrance of your firm to map your office. This can prove to be very convenient for the clients who are visiting your office for the first time as they can be easily guided towards the right office space. Also, along with the map, you can display the contact numbers of certain employees at your firm that the clients might want to contact.

Display demo of your products

This space can also be utilized to display infomercials for products that are new to the market or those which require a visual demo for simplification. Along with the demo, you can also view a few frequently asked questions and their answers regarding that product in particular or your firm in general.

Display social media handles

Put the QR code of your social media accounts on display on these screens around your property. This way, your customers and employees can conveniently scan the code and find you on social media. Also, you can display fun illustrations that the visitors can capture in a selfie and post along with a hashtag unique to your firm. By doing this, you’ll be able to increase the reach of your page.

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