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Legacy applications were being hosted locally by most businesses for many years. However, sudden changes in usage was a difficult hurdle to cross. Many times, the server would not be able to handle the load and crash. Furthermore, businesses would pay huge amounts for storage capacities that they might not ever use! Many such reasons led to developers turn to cloud for hosting the apps.

Why is cloud hosting perfect for your app?

Hosting the back-end of your app on cloud hosting has a wide array of benefits listed below:

Cost Efficiency

By hosting your app over the cloud, you don’t have to spend on servers, cloud back-ups, storage, and manpower. The cost effectiveness can be achieved in two ways; first, by saving up money on purchase of equipment and second, by paying only for the resources that you use. Since it is relatively easy to configure an app in the cloud, it eases your IT operations costs too.

Improved Reliability

The introduced app can be rolled back to a previous version or any specific version at any time. This increases the reliability of the platform and helps you to address your errors within a shorter period of time and at a lesser cost. With cloud hosting, comes an array of features that make it more reliable. For example, cloud hosting providers nowadays use a technique called as data mirroring for storage where the sensitive and vital information is stored on multiple servers. This ensures minimum downtime that might occur due to corruption or any other reason, thereby protecting the app database from data loss.

Collaborative team effort

The development teams can edit, access and share files on the cloud. This helps in increasing the collaborative effort and empowers each team member to make calculated decisions based on facts. Information is shared in real-time which also reduces the app-development lifecycle.

Consistency and Integrity of data

Since the data is stored and accessed centrally, there are no chances of conflicts between data types which was the case when applications were developed in a different location and then brought together.


An app hosted on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere at any time and not at a specific location. Not only it fits well with the digital workplace strategy deployed by most organizations but also removes the device specific restriction on usage.


Most cloud service providers offer comprehensive security measures to stop the misuse of application data. By hosting your app on the cloud, you don’t have to hire security experts as most cloud hosting providers offer security of your data. The service providers use advanced security tools like SiteLock to enhance the security and deliver a secured storage system for your data. Also, easy to use tools are provided using which you can carry out security audits yourself.


One of the best benefits of hosting your app on the cloud is the ease of scalability offered by cloud hosting providers. This was costly and cumbersome with legacy systems. During a period of high traffic, like in times of special offers being provided in case of an e-commerce business or any other reason, your app needs the support of a hosting provider that can scale your tech resources to accommodate such a spike.  Since, scalability is the inherent feature of cloud hosting, it is prudent for an app with variable traffic to utilize the flexibility offered by this hosting solution.


Testing your app is easier when hosted on the cloud. You can test anytime, with more scenarios and on a wide range of mobile devices. This helps in the agile development of the app.

Final thoughts

A good cloud hosting provider can offer all these features and much more help to derive the maximum benefits from hosting your app on the cloud. It can help you enhance the productivity and efficiency of your app. Also, you can divert more resources to app development and leave the hosting worries behind.

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