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With more than 58 million small business employees in the US, this is a vital source of employment and revenue. Yet one of the issues with having a presence in multiple global hubs can be overheads, especially if the local address is mainly used for marketing purposes and service delivery is quite centralized. Still, in many international jurisdictions, the perception of a local address is needed for compliance – and it gives greater peace of mind to new clients. So US companies can seem global and global companies can seem to have multiple locations in the US – with relative ease.

So how exactly do companies achieve this? One example is This is a cloud-based virtual mail and business address service. It provides premium and permanent physical addresses for businesses and individuals for a small monthly or discounted annual fee. Home-based, remote, online and small business owners, perpetual travelers, students, military personnel or anyone who wants to access their postal mail using a computer or smart-phone can use the services.

A new client can choose an address from a list of available suite numbers provided by at their locations. The moment an address is allocated, the client can use it immediately.

For Business

A home, online, remote or small business owner who wants to keep his home address private or needs a premium business address can get a permanent physical address for receiving mail and packages. The address is then used for registering an LLC or a corporation, and on government-issued documents, business licenses, and stationery. The business can use the permanent physical address for many years even when it actually changes locations.

The type of services usually required:

Mail scanning: Unopened envelopes, magazines, or packages are scanned and the images (PDF or .jpg) are sent via email or a virtual mailbox app so that the owner can view them on any digital device. The owner then decides what he wants done on each item and gives instructions.

Mail opening and scanning: The client can request that some of the mail be opened and the documents scanned and he can then view a digital copy of each item via email or an app. will never open any item unless specifically instructed to do so.

Mail and package forwarding: A business can ask to have its some of its mail and packages forwarded to any address in the world. It can choose the courier, shipment method etc.

Shredding: The business can choose which pieces of mail it wants shredded so it won’t be bothered with junk mail.

Registered agent: Businesses can also have free Registered Agent service with the account for managing company registration compliance requirements.

For Individuals

People who travel constantly because of work or for tax purposes usually need a permanent address for receiving their mail and they utilize the services offered by No matter where they are in the world, they are notified when they receive mail and packages at their permanent address. By looking at the scanned mail, they can decide which ones they want opened and scanned, which ones must be forwarded and which ones should be shredded.

This service also suits military personnel who are on duty anywhere in the world who need to keep track of their mail back home. It also suits students and expatriates who live abroad but receive mail and parcels (maybe from online shopping) in the U.S. RV owners and others who need a trusted way to receive their mail and packages when they are on the road also benefit from the service.

Advantages of a virtual physical address

Permanent address: A business run from home or an office may need to move but it won’t need to update its address on business licenses, LLC/corporation registration, registered agent address, etc. The address is available for as long as they want it.

Check deposit: can print check deposit slips and mail-deposit checks into the client’s existing bank accounts.

Real address: manages and operates all its address locations in Nevada, California, Florida, New York and Texas. All mail is delivered to a real physical address (not a P.O. Box number) and is processed by associates. There are no third parties involved.

Security and privacy: Business clients who use this service maintain home-address privacy. Privacy is guaranteed because all associates are security checked and they can be trusted.

Digital storage: digitalizes all incoming mail. The owners can then digitally archive and manage all the mail.

Fast action: clients are able to take immediate action on some of their mail instead of waiting for days or weeks while travelling.

Physical presence: A person who is operating an online or a remote business and has no need for office-related services or meeting space can utilize services for the sake of handling mail only.

Brand image: A business that needs to upgrade its brand image may use premium addresses offered such as Wall Street NY to market the company and attract international clients.

Multiple locations: A business owner can create a local presence in several locations and receive mail in each one.

Final scoop:

Virtual services like these can really help businesses to overcome perceived barriers to appear global, thereby doing so at the fraction of the cost. Let us know if you’re aware of any similar or more innovative solutions out there that are worth sharing.

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