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Security and anonymity are some of the most valued factors for companies and business leaders. With better technology and more integrated markets, the need for more advanced technology and software to help maintain cryptic and secure transactions are some of the most sought-after demands by users. Individuals want better control over their data and how it’s shared via trading and business channels. 

Before we say even more, visit BitLaunch here:

BitLaunch redefines webhosting through cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrencies have become a better and more reliable way of transacting and trading – the reasons are plenty. Crypto ensures more reliability than regular currency and can now be supported by various online platforms. BitLaunch has made it possible for users to have more freedom and control over their products. With many systems being centralized, where they’re controlled and operated by a single entity; BitLaunch maintain a high standard of guaranteeing their systems are decentralized. Customers have found that BitLaunch offers more benefits and simplicity; users can now pay for servers and hosting with a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and 10+ crypto for; DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode or BitLaunch servers.

Why purchase webhosting with cryptocurrency?

Because they have made it possible for users to pay and transact with cryptocurrencies, BitLaunch has created automation services that allow developers to manage servers better. This enables users to create account transactions with specified transaction amounts. Their API gives the option to choose between regular currency and cryptocurrency. With more secure control, developers have the ability to automate payments, and program Bitcoin payments using the Lightning Network.

The importance of platforms such as BitLaunch is that their resilience and personal offerings give them the chance to provide more reliable Bitcoin VPS hosting. This is something many customers around the world are seeking; as localized cloud providers won’t offer this.

What is VPS hosting from BitLaunch?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) allows users to have a virtual server, operated and maintained by companies such as BitLaunch. VPS servers offer better security, and the added benefit of not having the need to share your private or anonymous information with anyone else.

Users are unaware of the superior benefits a funded VPS system will offer. In many instances, some clients are still struggling with single entities or banks declining payments or perhaps traditional payments might fail without any reason. As many of these pitfalls are outside of the user’s control, it’s better to use a trusted VPS system that will ensure secure, encrypted and anonymous transactions. As the demand for these services are rising, the use of cryptocurrency payments will also be more convenient and secure.

How do I get a virtual server?

Competitive pricing has ranked BitLaunch higher against hosting alternatives. They offer free server launch start-up and pricing per month are around $10,00. Individuals and businesses can take advantage of their great plans, as it comes with standard 2.40GHz CPU, SSD space and 1GB RAM. More so recently, BitLaunch has recently started offering Anonymous Amsterdam VPS with more servers in America (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), Europe (Paris, Germany), the UK and also Singapore.

Their servers and systems work in line with a multitude of features such as; Modern DELL server hardware, Juniper switches, Tier-1 multi-homed bandwidth and instant provisioning Bitcoin VPS are just to name a few.

What is BitLaunch 1-click Apps?

BitLaunch managed to offer customers services without any restrictions. Their one-click anonymous hosting for apps such as Telegram, self-hosted WireGuard VPN and OpenVPN hosting are some of the best ways BitLaunch offers flexibility to their customers. Although many users still enjoy OpenVPN, digital security experts have reported that WireGuard is more superior to OpenVPN. BitLaunch has ensured that their services perform in acquisition with this, as WireGuard is written with fewer lines of code, eliminating vulnerabilities. BitLaunch gives all their users the chance to make use of VPN protocols such as WireGuard with one-click functionality.

Similar companies such as Interserver, TMD Hosting, Liquidwebs and Bithost all boast a variety of plans with great pricing. The difference with BitLaunch and competitors is their capability to create secure virtual servers, which can host cryptocurrency transactions.

BitLaunch manages to guarantee customers will always have easy access to their servers. They’ve eliminated limitations, allowing more freedom of transactions and allowing the use of cryptocurrency. These advancements closed the divide between market needs and efficiency making BitLaunch a leader in the industry.

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