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With the advent of smartphones and now the fact that more kids than not have one these days, it’s no shock that applications such as Hoverwatch’s spy phone app have become a necessity for parents. As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” A smartphone is a wonderful tool and way to stay connected with your child, but unfortunately, the same smartphone and the web can expose your child to elicit websites or other activities which are either not suitable for their age or even illegal.

Most of the parents want to protect their children from such inappropriate exposure as well as websites. Up until now, all you could do was to advise your children to avoid such websites which is not a comfortable talk. Now, however, many companies have developed great solutions to let you monitor your child’s smartphone remotely. 

With the help of these types of applications, you can easily monitor the smartphone usage of your child. As a result, you will be able to know if any inappropriate content is being forwarded to your child on social media or through various messaging apps. In addition to that, because you’ll be able to keep tabs on their messaging and social activities, you can also be proactive and work to protect your children from online bullying. 

In an effort to keep you as “in the know” as possible, many monitoring apps often allow you to keep an eye on your child’s messaging applications as well as the calls and texts. Additionally, many also offer the option to track your child’s location via the smartphone’s built-in GPS. As I’m sure any parent would agree: knowing that your kid is where they should be, when they should be is a great feeling.

How can you protect and monitor your children’s smartphone? 

We’re going to recommend one app in particular today–it’s by a company called Hoverwatch. Getting started with Hoverwatch’s app is fairly simple and you can up and running, monitoring the online activity of your children’s smartphone in three simple steps.

  • The first thing which you have to do is to sign up at
  • You have to then download the spy phone app from your account to the smartphone which you want to monitor.
  • Once you install it, you will be able to easily monitor all the activity of that particular smartphone through your account.

Once the app is installed on your child’s smartphone and the app is configured on the Hoverwatch website you’re good to go. Below are a number of the key features that the app provides. 

Completely invisible monitoring

The owner or the user of the smartphone will not be able to detect the application. As a result, you will be able to monitor the smartphone with complete anonymity and invisibility. This will ensure that you are able to continuously monitor for a long period of time. That being said, I would absolutely encourage parents to speak with their kids about this type of software before you go ahead and install it. 

Monitoring text messages as well as calls

The monitoring capability is not just limited to the calls. You can monitor the text messages as well. This will ensure that you are able to monitor most kinds of activity fairly easily.

Monitoring messaging applications as well as social media

You can monitor the social media activity on Facebook and even on messaging applications like WhatsApp. In reality, the usage of each and every application on the smartphone can be easily monitored which ensures that you are able to monitor the social media access as well as internet access for your child.

Geolocation feature

With the help of the geolocation feature, you will be able to know about the location of the smartphone (which hopefully means you’ll know the location of your child as well). In case, something happens to your child or the smartphone is stolen, you will be able to easily track them down. 

Front Camera photography

Each and every time, there is a call or SMS or unlocking of the screen, the application can take a photograph with the help of the front camera. With the help of the front phone camera, you will be able to know if your child is in any trouble.

Taking screenshots

With the help of Hoverwatch’s app, you will also have the ability to take screenshots of the smartphone’s screen.

If you’re thinking about apps to help protect your child against inappropriate content on the web, Hoverwatch’s spy phone app is a good option for you. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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