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Work productivity on-the-go is an art that has yet to be truly mastered. Even with the innovations happening in smartphones, tablets and our work laptops, much of the time our files aren’t everywhere we need them to be, and discontinuity between our devices doesn’t help.

Enter hopTo, a mobile productivity app for the iPad that has one goal: to simplify the multitasking, on-the-go work experience by providing access to everything you need, everywhere you are.

At its core, hopTo is designed as a full Microsoft Office suite (particularly Word and Excel) with an ambiguity towards the local and cloud storage platforms you use. Not only can you create and edit Word documents and Excel sheets and push them to your cloud platform of choice, but you can also search and download documents on-the-fly, through popular services like Box, Dropbox, and even your very own home or work computer.

“With hopTo, we are providing the most powerful mobile productivity app available to the tens of millions of iPad users, elevating their tablet to an extensive personal and business mobile productivity solution,” said Eldad Eilam, CEO of hopTo.

“Professionals who are constantly required to be accessible and responsive while on the go now have an easy to use, more complete way to succeed in the ‘always-on’ world.”

In what they refer to as a “one-stop shop,” hopTo promises “productivity without boundaries.” Core features include file management across your multiple storage locations, the ability to view PowerPoint presentations and photo galleries, and flip between pages of locally-stored documents without ever needing to switch to other apps on your device.

hopTo is available free of charge on the Apple App Store, currently as an iPad exclusive.

Our Thoughts

hopTo is a sleek app with an nice user interface to manage all of your cloud based files. The app makes connecting the various platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc super easy with just a couple taps on your iPad’s screen.  You can view individual platforms (e.g. just Dropbox files) or look at a combined view to see and search all of your files in one place.  The search feature is fast, pulling up results quickly so you can access what you want in no time.

We really liked the editing features for Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, hopTo offers nice editing functionality including the ability to search Google images to embed photos with a single tap.  And of course, the editor also includes traditional document/text formatting and editing features.

In terms of what we would like to see added to hopTo?  A OS X version of its software so you can communicate with Mac’s in addition to Windows computers and the ability to edit more file types including various kinds of text documents.

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