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The Mass Effect franchise is one of my favorites in video games. I even went so far as to crown Mass Effect 3 one of my three best video games of 2012. But that doesn’t mean the experience isn’t flawed, at least a little. And that’s why you really need to watch this “Honest Trailer” for the Mass Effect series right now.

Warning: If you’ve not played through the trilogy, there will be spoilers.

I don’t want to dump on the games, but I have to admit, a lot of that trailer is pretty accurate.

masseffect3If you’ve never played any of the Mass Effect games and are skipping down here without watching that spoiler-filled video, please don’t take this post as a sign that you should avoid the series. From start to finish, Mass Effect does a fantastic job of creating a world and making you care about the people in it. And I’ve never felt like decisions I’ve made in a game mattered more than they did in that trilogy. In games like The Walking Dead, you’re led to believe that your decisions are affecting the game in some major way, but subsequent play-throughs reveal otherwise. The Mass Effect games do a great job making sure your decisions continue to factor in, even if you made that decision two games prior.

Each game in the trilogy was stronger than the last, in my opinion, and the controversial ending to Mass Effect 3 doesn’t change that fact. So while there are a lot of flaws that fans and non-fans of the series can point to in the series, some time to reflect on, learn from and build off of the last trilogy will likely do the Mass Effect 4 team a whole lot of good. And I’ll be getting it on day one, no question.

Are you a fan of the Mass Effect franchise? What do you think of the above trailer? Leave your comments below.

(h/t Kotaku)

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