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Did you know there is an iPhone app in the App Store called Twitter?  No?  Me either.  But it is there and it’s not an official app either.  The iPhone App called Twitter has been developed by NibiruTech LTD.  Twitter has been known lately to go after people infringing on their copyright (their name).  This is blatant copyright infringement and would seem to clearly go against Twitter’s policy.

This app was only recently accepted into the App Store (Released September 29th, 2009).  I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken down or renamed already.  Perhaps no one has found it yet?  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some publicity stunt by NibiruTech LTD to bring some attention to their app which is selling for $1.99.  After all, we all know how hard it is to be a success in the App Store.

What I am kind of surprised about is the fact Apple accepted it into the App Store with the name Twitter – I mean, c’mon.  Maybe they’re too busy fighting off Google Voice from being accepted into the App Store and this one slipped through the cracks.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this app.  When/if there are any updates I will post them.  Stay tuned.

Update: It appears the Twitter app has made its way onto the list of “Top Paid” apps and still no movement from Apple with regard to changing the name or taking it down.

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