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Let’s face it – it’s tough to get people’s attention.  Whether it be online or offline getting someones attention can be a daunting task, however, one thing is for sure, the simple and non-intrusive way will typically triumph over the complicated and annoying way.  In the words of someone very smart, keep it simple stupid.  That’s exactly what Hellobar does.

Hellobar is a simple little script that you embed on your site (any kind of site) and it will stick a little bar at the top of the site in which you can put short messages for your visitors.  It takes seconds to sign-up and configure.  You can customize the color of the bar, the font, the text, and various other settings such as how long it’s displayed.

Additionally, the Hellobar can configured to spit out your Twitter feed or even an RSS feed.  It’s really neat.  So what would you use Hellobar for?  Well, here are a few examples where Hellobar would be a great idea to use:

  • Did you just launch a newsletter that you want people to be aware of and sign-up for?  Put a little message a link in your Hellobar.
  • Do you want to increase traffic to a specific part of your site?  Use Hellobar to drive traffic there.
  • Have a great deal to offer your visitors on a product/service?  Put the information in Hellobar.

The possibilities depend upon your creativity.  I have 5 invites I’m willing to giveaway.  All you have to do to get one (first come, first serve) is retweet (button is above) this post and leave a comment (include your email, too).

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