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One of the second games I purchased for my Xbox 360 is among one of  the most popular game series to date, Halo. Halo 3: ODST came out after the original game, Halo 3, and is a prequel to that particular game. Unlike Halo 3, in ODST you play as a few different soldiers trying to find the rest of your teammates in a huge city. The city is infested with “alien-like” creatures that you have to defeat until you team up with your team captain and eventually take off from the city.

The campaign mode shares one similar trait with another game, Modern Warfare 2: a short storyline. Unfortunately, this game does have a short story line, but can leave you a little more puzzled at times, unlike in Modern Warfare 2. Throughout the entire game, you switch between a few characters in order to find where your teammates beacons are coming from.

The multiplayer in ODST is not that good compared to Modern Warfare 2. The playing style of multiplayer is a little more sensitive and there is no option, that  know of, to play in the third person view. There seems to be only one game mode, which is a team match. One of the cool parts of the game in general, however, is the ability to create your own map. It is really fun to see what you can do.

Overall, I think this game is a good game, but I would not recommend buying it at first. I would just rent it and see how you like it then consider investing in it. If I were to give this game a rating out of 10 points, I would give it 6.5.

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