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Just two weeks ago at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed the newest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7, which was available for developers that day as a preview, and ready for the rest of the world this fall. To my eyes (and other users of the Android mobile OS), it seemed like Apple was cribbing plenty of Android’s best ideas for its iOS upgrade. And not to be outdone, Google is working on the latest version of its mobile operating system, Android 4.3, as it’s been spotted on rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 phones.

A screen-grab of Android 4.3, posted on
A screen-grab of Android 4.3, posted on

According to TechCrunch, Android 4.3 has made its way online in an unofficial capacity, and can be installed by owners of the Galaxy S4 who don’t mind voiding their phones’ warranties—since the updated OS hasn’t been officially released by Google yet, Android 4.3 can only be put on these phones by unlocking and flashing a new ROM onto the device.

By all accounts, the new version of Android is very similar to the most current version of the OS, Android 4.2, with some minor visual tweaks to the interface. Until Google actually releases the new version to the public, we won’t know what other little bells and whistles might be in store for users.

So why didn’t we hear about Android 4.3 at Google’s I/O conference back in May? Probably for the same reasons that we didn’t hear about the company’s plans to bring an Android-powered home console to market in the near future, reports of which are just hitting today. Google has many irons in the fire, many of which I doubt we’ve ever heard about. When little drips and drabs of information and details make their way online, we fans of Google are better at generating buzz for the company than any official presentation would be.

As noted above, at this point, Android 4.3 sounds like nothing more than a slight visual alteration on 4.2. And yet, Android fans are salivating at the promise of a new version of the OS. Any adventurous Galaxy S4 users out there thinking about giving it a try? Let us know in the comments below.

I’d try it myself if I could. Alas: I only have an HTC phone. Only a year old, and already it feels ancient. Keeping up with tech trends is a tricky game, my friends.

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