Google Shows Off Google Glass UI And Launches #IfIHadGlass Campaign

Google is preparing to dole out Google Glass units to non-developers, but expect competition to be fierce.  In order to be eligible, you have to apply and you will still have to pay the Glass Explorer Edition’s $1,500 price tag.

In order to apply, use the hashtag #IfIHadGlass, take to Twitter or Google+ and with 50 words or less, explain how you would use Google Glass. Photos and videos can be included as well. The deadline is February 27.  And there is currently no word on how many Glass units will be handed out through this program. Look here for the full details on applying for Google Glass.

Watch the video above to get an idea of the UI and its capabilities — it looks very cool. Users can interact with Google Glass through a single pane in the top right. Everything from Google searches to notifications to hangouts seamlessly happen in this one space — rather than dancing around the field of vision like in earlier Google Glass videos.

What do you think?  Will you apply?

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