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Google Search Wiki is a new feature rolled out by Google to allow you to customize your own search results to provide better, more effective results.  There has been a lot of controversy over the latest addition to Google’s search, however, I welcome it. I feel that while commenting on results may be an issue (spam wise) it also provides benefits too. If a user has feedback about their experience on a particular site, leaving a comment on Google would benefit someone later on. This could benefit people looking for help, purchasing a product, etc.

I also like the idea of promoting and demoting results. To me, I feel this would provide more effective results for myself (and only myself – your search altering does not effect anyone else) as well as increase my search efficiency and time spent searching for content.

While Google may use this information to possible target advertisements at me, I really do not mind provided it allows me to increase my search productivity. After all, that is why I use Google in the first place.

What do you think of Google Search Wiki? Leave a comment!


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