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Google Play Music, Google’s proprietary music-listening service, launched mere moments ago on Apple’s iOS App Store, following reports earlier this week claiming that launch was right around the corner.

The app, which is direct competition to Apple’s own iTunes Radio, and other popular services like Pandora and Spotify, has two access options: a free standard service and $9.99/month all-access service. Both options allow you to store your music in the cloud and stream songs over your connection (with no need to download them to your device). All-Access though, is the only choice that includes the radio feature.

One of the more appreciable features of the app is the ability to manage your queue while jamming, which won’t interrupt the incoming stream of music. You can stream over Bluetooth and AirPlay at launch, and the app appears to have built-in Chromecast support.


What comes with Standard Service?

Standard service users can store up to 20,000 songs in their cloud library, and they can listen to that library as much as they like. They do not have access to the radio feature.

What comes with All-Access?

All-Access users have unlimited storage space for their own library of music, as well as access to the new radio feature. The radio feature will play songs based on a set genre or bands related to a band you like. It will recommend songs sequentially, to which you can approve or disapprove to affect chances of similar songs being included later on, as well as skip songs entirely. All-Access users have infinite skips.

All Access subscriptions also allow the app to automatically build playlists of songs you give a “thumbs up” to, as well as lists for music you’ve recently added alongside free and purchased songs you’ve recently acquired.

Do I need an App to use Google Play Music?

Not at all. Like the mobile app, users can also stream songs directly from the service’s web interface on their desktop or laptop.

The app is currently out now for iOS, formatted best for iPhones and iPods, but the company is working on a full-on iPad iteration to release down the line.

And best of all, Google has made All-Access service free to anyone who wants to try it for the first month through a trial option for users new to Google Play Music. If you like it, you can keep the service by signing up for $9.99/month.

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